What To Expect Re-Entering Together

– Thermal temperature reader at our main entrance, along with PPE for guests

– Floor markers in high traffic areas (elevators, beverage stations, reception, etc.)

– High visibility labels displaying a surface or room has been sanitized (expect in huddle rooms and shared areas)

– Disposable desk pads for daily use

– Open windows promoting ventilation

– Disposables in all kitchens, including tissues for touching any shared surfaces

– Hand sanitizer throughout the facility, both automatic wall mounted and pumps

– UV lights in our HVAC system (updates to come)

– Frequent cleaning of all high touch areas

– Additional Zoom software in conference and huddle rooms

– Placement of furniture to encourage physical distancing


…and more, we are working our hardest to ensure your safety

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we reopen?

The space has always been available for your use (and frequently sanitized). We are officially re-opened with our staff available Monday-Friday, 9-4pm.

Will we need to wear masks? 

Masks are required in all common areas within TechNexus. Once you are in a private room / dedicated space, it is at your discretion to wear it or not.  The building requires masks in the main lobby, elevator bank and roof terrace.

What safety precautions will TechNexus be taking?

Please review the TechNexus Readiness Doc. Any and all questions are welcomed, email collaborate@technexus.com

What safety precautions will the building be taking? 

The Civic Opera Re-Entry document is linked here.

Will the building elevators work and what is expected?

To our knowledge, the high rise elevators have been repaired. The building has floor markers outside and inside of the elevators, to keep riders at a safe distance. 2 individuals are permitted in the same elevator at once.

Will we have access to all the kitchens?

Yes, all 3 of our kitchens will be open and equipped. Expect more disposables (sugars, creamers and cups) for the interim.

When will the event center bring in large gatherings?

Large gatherings will not take place until the City of Chicago opens that phase. Our plans will be clearly communicated to you.

If I’m sick or have a common cold, will I be allowed in the space?

To ensure the safety of our office, we ask that you work remotely until you’re free of any cold symptoms.

What if someone in the space isn’t following protocol and not respecting social distance?

Please let us know immediately, we’ll be sure to address it.

How will we go about having guests sign in to limit contact?

Please notify your guests to call you on arrival, we ask that you meet them in the corridors or in the west coworking.

Regarding Flex Space

We understand that this is an unknown time for business leaders. If you’re looking for short term space, or to simply shift from the WFH model, let’s connect. We have flexible dedicated and coworking space options for any size team. TechNexus can help you figure out how to best get your company re-entered into a flexible and safe office environment.

We’re all in this together.

Let’s Connect,

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